Restaurant Benefits...

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Join the team and start benefiting from our state-of-the-art web site and expert marketing We have many different programs to offer. Please speak with an account representative to find out what’s best for you. 


  • Manage your Restauarnts online from anywhere, by using the Online Foodjini Dashboard.
  • You can have multiple Locations under your Restaurant Chain
  • Maintain a complete week's schedule using the daily open-close timings setup.
  • Setup discounts or Coupons as and when required
  • Restaurant can support any or all of the delivery types...Pickup, Delivery, Curbside.
  • Restaurant can offer any or all Payment Options...Cash, Credit Card, Paypal.
  • Directions to the Restaurant will be shown on Google Map in the Restaurant's information tab.
  • Delivery can be confined to a pre-defined Delivery Area setup by the restaurant.
  • Receive Orders instantly on your choice of - e-FAX, Email, Blackberry, or SMS Text messaging.
  • View daily/weekly/monthly/yearly orders. Search and sort orders with various filters
  • Foodjini Customer support will ensure smooth sailing.


Receive Orders from the Web...

  • Easy to get online, just send us your details and we will get you online
  • Have your own, branded, private-label, ordering space on the web!
  • Enable your customers to order Online without having to wait on busy phone lines, or having the menu read out to them.
  • SMS and Mobile Ordering also available now!
  • You can be listed on your City's Food Court if you wish.
  • Or Tie your existing website to the online-ordering platform.
  • Incase you do not already have a website we can give you a single web page (free of cost)
  • Test the Customer's an order  on our Demo restaurant.


Augment Sales...

  • Serve your customer better. Increase your Sales through your online presence.
  • Enhance Corporate ordering on your restaurant by offering them the ease of use of the web.
  • You pay only a pre-fixed small amount per order apart form the CreditCard/Fax handling charges
  • Use Reports to help in Data Analysis
  • Leverage the web data to identify key sales areas, and percieve how to enhance sales.
  • Avail Special Introductory offers! Details available on request. Click here to send us a request.


Upcoming Enhancements...

  • Restaurant Managers will have access to valuable customer information from our web site  
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analysis
  • A desktop applicaiton that can receive, print and montior your online orders  

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